Ecosystem overview
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There are a broad range of tools, resources and helpful tutorials for working with Ghost available to help get started. Before diving into Ghost's application architecture in the next section, it's useful to give you a high level overview of the wider ecosystem and where to find things!


Ghost integrates with hundreds of services by default, and thousands more via Zapier. All integrations are API, webhook or embed based, so do not interfere with your site's speed, security or forward compatibility. You can browse all of our integrations in the Ghost integrations directory.

Ghost themes

You'll find a wide range of pre-made Ghost themes for a variety of use-cases over on the Ghost Marketplace, which serves as an official directory of curated highlights. However, you can also find an even larger range of Ghost themes for sale on ThemeForest and Creative Market.

It's also pretty straightforward to convert themes for most other platforms to be compatible with Ghost, and you can always use a completely independent front-end or framework if that's your jam.

Migration tooling

If you're migrating to Ghost from an existing platform, there are a number of tools for translating your content into Ghost's JSON based import format.

The migration docs contain details on all available automated tools out there, as well as information about our import format in case you need to write your own migration script.

Native apps

Ghost ships with a web based admin interface, but there's also a selection of native apps available which bring Ghost's admin client to your devices.


Of course open source software is never just about the technology, more than anything it's about the people who make it and use it.

The blog

For long-form news and announcements the best place to keep up to date with everything happening is our blog. There's an RSS feed for that as well 📬

Official forum

The official Ghost forum is the best place to find other Ghost users and developers. Whether you're looking for some advice or you need help with a tricky development problem. There's almost always someone around, as well as a wealth of past questions/answers in the searchable archives.

Social media

We maintain a handful of social media accounts to keep in touch with people directly and give them updates about what's new with Ghost. Here are the easiest ways to keep track of Ghost and everything hapening around the web:

  • GitHub - ⭐️ Star the repository to bookmark
  • Twitter - 🐧 Regular shortform updates
  • Facebook - 👩🏻‍💻 Occasional big news
  • Instagram - 🤫 New thing coming soon

Example Ghost sites

If you're looking for a great overview of other sites in the world built with Ghost, you'll probably want to check out our Customer Showcase gallery.

Finding answers

Don't forget! If you have any questions or problems the best places to start is the search box on this page, which will immediately return all results from across our documentation and FAQ archive.